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November 15, 2016
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The Palm Handle is a metal handle attachment for The Landscaper’s Buddy. It’s perfect for moving top-heavy trees like palms and adds extra leverage for one or more users, something the average wheelbarrow or ball cart can’t offer.  ORDER TODAY Call 855-982-8339

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The Palm Handle makes life easier.  ORDER TODAY Call 855-982-8339

The Landscaper’s Buddy™ Palm Handle attachment is a useful tool for moving larger trees and top-heavy trees like palms. The duel-handle design prevents palm trees from tipping over. 

The Buddy was invented to make landscapers’ lives easier, and The Palm Handle add-on helps achieve this goal. While The Buddy is easy for a single person to maneuver, The Palm Handle allows the user to push or pull The Buddy from another angle or makes it possible for two workers to move a heavy load together.

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